Are You Looking PHP Training Institute in Delhi ?

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PHP Course Syllabus

      • Overview Of PHP and
      • Programming language
      • Why use PHP
      • How to use HTML in PHP
      • How to use CSS in PHP
      • How to use Bootstrap in PHP
      • How to use Javascript in PHP
      • Core PHP Development
      • Conditional Constructs
      • PHP Operators
      • Modularity through Include Files
      • PHP Functions
      • PHP Arrays
      • Introduction of PHP 7
      • Basic Scripting and Looping Constructs
      • Introduction to the
      • Windows IIS Server or Apache Web Server
      • Working with Databases and Forms
      • MySQL Database
      • Concept of OOPS
      • Using JQUERY and AJAX in PHP
      • Using Cookies with PHP
      • Implementing RESTful Servers with PHP
      • Content Management System
      • What are Framework in PHP
      • Introduction and Basics of Codeigniter
      • Introduction and Basics of Laravel

Why Choose PHP Training ?

We are operating as a popular web developing firm for a long time. Now, we are offering you the help of our specialists, in learning and working PHP language. There are many other reasons why we are the most suitable choice for this program:

  • We have developed many website development projects based on PHP language.
  • We are experienced in giving each concept in more informal ways.
  • We will develop your programming expertise to a large level so that you can quickly get the job.
  • You can study from the convenience of your home, at a proper time.
  • Assured job placement.
  • 24 hours support of our specialists, if you face any difficulty during the education process

Course Duration

40 - 60 Days / 10 Weekends

Batch Type

Week Days / Weekends

Teaching Mode

Online / Offline